Incident Management Services

Any incident is an unanticipated occurrence that has a negative influence on the availability of services.
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Incident Management

Incident Management

Incident management is a procedure for ensuring business continuity with the smallest amount of downtime possible.
  • Any incident can have a smaller effect and recover faster if the protocol is followed.
  • We have an ITIL-based IT incident management team with experience in addressing events for a range of businesses.
Benefit of Incident Management

Benefit of Incident Management

Downtime to a minimum level.
Eradicate bad reputation by unavailability of services.
Identifying potential enhancements
Detect incidents before they occur.
Increased availability equals increased productivity.

Our Approach

  • 01.
    Incident logging

  • 02.
    Incident categorization

  • 03.
    Incident prioritization

  • 04.
    Incident assignment

  • 05.
    Task creation and management

  • 06.
    SLA management and escalation

  • 07.
    Incident resolution

  • 08.
    Incident closure

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