Security as a Service

Security as a Service

Security as a Service (SECaaS)

These services can be provided as continuous managed services or standalone projects

SECaaS provides businesses with an effective way to monitor for threats within a network without having to own the tools to perform these services. Managed Security service provides the necessary protection that is cheaper than hiring threat detection experts as part of the company.
Our cybersecurity experts are highly talented with a minimum of 10+ years of experienced worldwide.
We do have a dedicated 24*7 support team to monitor, Incident management, and Immediate remediation support.

Web Security

As a software company, Our Software developing capabilities helped us to understand and create the best security frameworks to mitigate all kinds of security issues in an agile or waterfall developing models.

What we offer,

  • Implementation and management of best WAF (web application Firewalls) security solutions.
  • Implementation and manage of IDS/IPS, vulnerability and Monitoring solution.
  • Security Monitoring Services.

Data loss prevention (DLP) solution helps the organization to achieve distribution control, security, log data usage, unauthorized access, and many more.
It can be implemented in cloud or in-house infrastructures as well as hybrid models.

What we can offer,

  • Our experts  can support to Implement and manage all Well-known DLP available in the market like Symantec, Digital Guardian, SecureTrust, Check Point, McAfee
Email Security

Email plays a major role in many cyber-attacks; lack of Proper email security solutions leads the company into danger.
Even after implementing the email security solution, Lack of knowledge in best security practices implementation and poor security plans lead to email bouncing issues, availability issues even sometimes cause hacking incidents.

What we can offer,

  • We can implement the best email security products like FireEye, Microsoft ATP, Sophos, etc, with any email solution (cloud or inhouse), without compromising the availability.
Cloud security

Cloud is getting more popular due to its flexibility, even though it will be a disaster if it is not implemented, configured properly with proper security solutions, frameworks, etc.


What we can offer,

Our team is able to consult, implement and manage the best suitable security solution, best practice configuration for organizations based on their infrastructure

Network Security

The networks would be the backbone of any organization, all the traffic flows through the internal and external networks of a company have encrypted unencrypted vital information.

To achieve the CIA triad of information technology (Confidentiality, Integrity, and availability) these networks need to be secured.

What we can offer,

  • Security Consulting for building world-class secured infrastructures based on the customer requirement.
  • All kinds of security solution implementation, management.
  • Host based and Network-based IDS/IPS, Firewalls, vulnerability analysis solutions Implementation and manage
Disaster Recovery. (DR)

It is comprised of plans, policies, procedures for regaining access to infrastructure from any events like a natural disaster, hacking, or any pandemic to ensure business continuity.

Having the right disaster recovery plan is crucial to prevent or reduce the impact of the mentioned disaster.

What we can offer,

  •  Our technical expert can help organizations to build, maintain, and manage better DR frameworks with all necessary backup plans.