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Our Offshore .NET Core Development Solutions

Dotnet Core (.NET Core or simply . NET) is a high-performance, cross-platform, open-source framework that allows businesses to create a modern, cloud, and IoT-based web applications and platforms. Our .NET development services are designed to build applications that work even in resource-constrained environments. We specialize in cross-platform and high-performance application development, including e-commerce, web services, and mobile back-ends.
Cross-platform Functionality

.NET Core is a good choice when targeting cross-platform OS such as Mac, Linux, or Unix systems. Using the latest technologies like Docker, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, and others, developers can create, compile, build, and publish a .NET Core application on any OS using the SDK's command-line tools.

Container support

.NET Core is compatible with container technologies that are popular in the cloud-first world. The trend now is to use Kubernetes, Docker, and other container technologies. .NET makes it easy to deploy applications to containers in Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Improved Performance

ASP.NET Core and the Kestrel web server are among the fastest web app frameworks available. If you don’t have the IIS setup, it’s pretty convenient to use Kestrel for hosting smaller APIs. Being a cross-platform asynchronous I/O library, Kestrel for ASP.NET ensures high performance.

Single Page Applications

Using the popular open-source JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and React, ASP.NET developers can build modern, single-page applications. Our developers can easily install all the packages required for JavaScript frameworks using NPM. Create fluid and responsive single-page apps with us.

MS SQL Server
Unified MVC and Web API Frameworks

The unification of MVC and API frameworks has ushered in a revolution in the field of web development. With unified MVC and Web APIs, you can easily overcome the development challenges and increase your app’s performance. Leverage our .NET development services, to enjoy the advantages of asynchronous programming patterns and top-class performance.

Dependency Injection

ASP.NET Core is modular and flexible since dependency injection underpins it. DOT NET Core manages the injection of dependencies directly, without using any third-party tools. It reduces class coupling, increases code reuse, and enhances code maintainability and application testing.

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