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Node.js Web Development

Many of the world’s leading brands like Amazon, Uber, eBay, and Netflix have relied on the robustness of Node.js to build their apps. Its open-source, cross-platform support makes Node.js framework a desirable web programming language. Leverage our services to develop your enterprise apps and deliver outstanding digital experiences to your customers.

Node Application Development

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows you to quickly create unique web programmers. Asynchronous programming unites the server-side and client-side scripts in the web app development process. Node.js has successfully replaced the time-honored request-response model. Node.js is based on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine and comes with a vast package ecosystem known as npm. Npm gives you access to a set of tools that, if you know how to use them properly, can help you create even the most complex enterprise programs.

Why use Node.js Framework

Node.js provides a solid platform that helps meet your complex business requirements. Web or mobile development, Node.js makes an excellent framework for enterprise apps. The ability to create server-based web applications is what makes Node.js such a popular technology among developers.

Benefits of using Node.js for enterprise app development

  • High productivity and scalability
  • Rapid and asynchronous process
  • Node package manager (npm)
  • Cross-platform development
  • Increased productivity use of node js: Quick Facts
  • js app can be built twice as fast with 33% fewer lines of code as compared to other Java-based application
  • Single threaded
  • Long term support (LTS)
  • Microservices based architecture
  • Reusable RESTful APIs
  • js has boosted the business of 70% development companies worldwide by increasing productivity of developers.
  • js is accountable for 58% of the world’s total development time.

Top brands, including Fortune 500 companies, have embraced Node.js to build their enterprise web and mobile apps. Make your move right now.