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Build with a great vision of Mr. K V Thomas and Mr. V T John to explore the realms of business, in 1976, Thomsun Group was established in Dubai. The vision and mission work ethic etched out over the years with the foresight to diversify into new disciplines at the right times have seen the activities of the group grow to become the multi-faceted and diversified entity it is today. With disciplined work etiquette and an incredible passion to provide the community with futuristic services and products that are under the range of diverse business segments, Thomsun Group has now become the most popular figure of a multifaceted business network.

Our Vision

We believe in Making Things Work and Then Making Things Perfect. TIC strives hard to be an impactful product engineering IT services company for our clients and their IT product and services mission.

Our Mission

We exists to accelerate the business’s digital transformation to higher level and to provide exceptional one stop IT solutions, leveraging offerings from industry leaders, that enable our customers to achieve their business goals.
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Our Values

Vision and Mission our values

Customers are our partners

If we win when, and only, our customers win. TIC uncompromisingly pursue shared success through diligence, collaboration and teamwork for every relationships and we honor commitments, overcome obstacles and reject failures as an option.

TIC deliver innovative solutions

We exploit our creative spirit, expertise and innovation to make a meaningful difference and provide value to collaborates and partners across the TIC community.
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We bring passion to all we do-

We work with exceptional energy, positivity, flexibility, altruistic and commitment, driven by a shared mission and vision. We are inspired by the opportunity to build something great. Using our unique approach, we identify opportunities that create further value for our various services.

Delivering Operational Excellence By Accelerating Digital Transformation

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