How TIC provided a cure for Skin cancer and Skin allergy patients







cure for Skin cancer image
The Client

one of the longest running and most successful skin cancer prevention programs in the world. They provide leadership and innovation in skin cancer prevention and early detection using a multi-faceted approach.

Key Benefits

This app specially designed for Skin cancer and Skin allergy patients. By using this app, they can be able to identify what is the current UV and min, max temperature of the day, and protection required timings.

The Challenges

The users must go to the website in order to check the temperature outside, but in our system, we provide them with alerts whether to go out or not

Customer's Quotes

“Although the process took a little longer than expected the attention to detail, very thorough support and constant assurances really hit home for a family company like ours. Aside from that, the solution gives us the flexibility we require to review projects and assess the way we could outline future projects based on current and accurate data. In the construction world, agility is of the utmost importance, and this solution helps us maintain that edge.”