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An overview of the current situation

Currently, as the world undergoes digitization, the retail sector is experiencing a paradigm shift as clients shift between online and offline channels for shopping. It is imperative for physical retail outlets not only to provide in-store personalization, but also address the digital-savvy client’s requirements and look at the big picture.
The retail horizon is filled with a never-before-experienced data explosion, connected devices, and customer-centric digital platforms. By analyzing and understanding product and customer data through marketing strategies and backend systems, omnichannel experiences are elevated.
In the midst of these changes, old challenges remain, such as the lack of business models, siloed applications, and the difficulty of deploying new technologies. Therefore, it is necessary to create an end-to-end, well-connected, omnichannel shopping experience that addresses current challenges and implements new technologies.

Mobility Solutions

With the adoption of enterprise mobility via next-generation smart devices, mobile apps will become a necessity. In addition to enhancing operational efficiency, the integrated mobility solution simplifies the purchasing process by integrating current technology trends.

We offer the following solution packages

  • Vendor dashboards to evaluate performance in relation to timelines and other vendor agreements
  • Corporate dashboards to track sales and revenues across different stores and evaluate overall performance
  • Setting up a client-based promotion app with coupons and feedback collection
  • Establishing real-time KPI systems that track store performance
Mobility Solutions

Enterprise collaboration

Communication gaps and silos are primary challenges in the retail sector, which ensure delays, reduce idea exchange, and reduce productivity.
Due to a lack of knowledge management tools and inadequate training programs, retail store managers and buyers spend a significant amount of time looking for information. Connecting with people from different geographies is difficult for them.
By implementing a variety of solutions, TIC aims to reduce decision-making time, improve user experience, and improve collaboration. In order to improve your brand image, increase profitability, and improve the user experience, we provide the following services:
  • Establish an elaborate portal that serves as a platform for employee engagement and as a one-stop shop for communication and information exchange
  • Maintaining brand voice by developing pre-defined templates and workflow channels for superior content management
  • Modernize your store and brand’s e-commerce capabilities with front-end development

Security and infrastructure transformation

Implementing various technologies, channels, and data requires retailers to guide their teams in the right direction by establishing quality infrastructure, security, and compliance requirements. By focusing on security and infrastructure, we help organizations adopt disruptive technologies:
  • Analyze the current state of security and compliance policies at your store/organization
  • Set up measures to strengthen web, network, and application security
  • POS security is essential for protecting payment and cash flow systems
  • Setting precedents for BYOD and mobile security
infrastructure transformation

Why is it beneficial to you?

  • Automating purchase and sale processes across various store operations
  • Monitoring various stages of the supply chain in real-time
  • Virtually enhancing the shopping experience
  • Secure payment processing through a variety of payment gateways

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