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An overview of the current situation

In most countries, manufacturing drives economic growth and has evolved significantly over the years. Various raw materials are transformed into usable products within the manufacturing industry, which ranges from textiles to chemicals, plastics to petroleum, electronics to transportation. 
Manufacturing firms have benefitted from direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales generated by eCommerce sites and company-owned stores by elevating their brand profiles, building consumer intimacy, diversifying revenue, and reducing middlemen costs. 
Our extensive expertise and years of experience in manufacturing enable TIC to develop unique solutions that effectively address all our client’s challenges and give them a competitive edge. 

Industry Challenges

Manufacturing is a highly operational industry with continuous development and delivery cycles.

Managing high-end machinery, as well as ensuring seamless service, requires substantial maintenance, which requires a highly skilled labour force.

For enhanced productivity in smart ways, technology integration is the need of the hour for the industry

Infrastructure modernization for reducing maintenance costs, smart technologies to link different devices within one location, automating processes to enhance productivity, and so on.

All of this means perfect IT integration in line with the business goals.

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Our Solution to Your Challenges

TIC offers a range of IT consulting services that can boost your organization's performance.
Cloud Computing:

More than 90 percent of manufacturers use cloud applications, and 70 percent reported a positive impact on meeting customer needs.


Containerization technology enhances the app-to-machine ratio across your product line, enabling seamless app functionality.


The utilization of DevOps automation and continuous delivery practices enables manufacturing firms to improve software delivery, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Digital Transformation: :

Taking advantage of the digital transformation means showing your products/processes in a more attractive and innovative light. Make their experience new and exciting with a digital touch.

IT Infrastructure:

IT Infrastructure Services provide end-to-end security, comprehensive backup, and disaster recovery, as well as ensure compliance with regulations such as PCI, DSS, and HIPAA.

Technology Advisory:

These services assist in developing an effective IT corporate strategy to aid in technology decision-making.
It's time to adopt the most relevant technology to support your services.

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