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tic delivery models

Planning and Capability

Discovery Phase - Requirement Analysis

The initial stage of brainstorming the idea and confirming the requirements and resources for the project

Project Plan and Timeline Preparation

The project is given a structure, stages of production will be defined along with the time period for each stage

Product Design and Service

The face of the product will be designed and everything including the themes and appearance will be set.

TIC delivery models
TIC delivery models
TIC delivery models
TIC delivery models


Infrastructure and Service Integration

Once the structure of the project plan is completed, the infrastructure is designed along with integrating services


Coding makes its way to one of the most important stages of production and the developers execute the whole product to reality.


Periodic Demos and Review Sessions

The prototype is presented to the client and this demo will show how the product works by far and is made open for discussion

Review and Evaluation

Trial and errors are discovered and they are thoroughly evaluated to make the product fail-proof and perfect.

Process and Performance Improvements

The whole project gets completed and tested and the processes get reviewed including looking for scopes of improvement.

Final Deployment

The product gets completed and is good to go live, therefore, moving to the stage of release and deployment.

TIC delivery models
TIC delivery models
TIC delivery models
TIC delivery models


Customer Engagement and Access

The team will back up the client with support and assistance which could be weekly, monthly or scheduled catchups.

Hand Off Support

Support during times of deployment is to acquaint them with the stages of deployment and the client will be provided assistance by walking them through the whole project and product.

Post Delivery Hyper Care

Post-deployment support is provided to see if alterations and updations are needed to improve the user experience and functionalities

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