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Meet our Squad of Tech Maestros

These people are the force that accelerates and guides our global growth and ensures our customer's the deliverables they lookup for.
Karthikeyan Subramaniam

Senior technology executive with 22+ years of experience in designing, leading and delivering world-class software solutions in BigData, AI, ML, e-Commerce, CMS, CRM and SharePoint solutions.

Chief Product Officer

Joy Joseph is a chartered accountant with a total of 35 years of experience in the accounts and financial sector that includes 20 years' experience in the ERP domain and 15 years in the industry.

Keerthi Raj
Keerthi Raj
Head of Sales

Keerthi is an accomplished sales executive with progressive experience across IT and digital marketing industry, including leadership roles in Sales, Sales Strategy, Go To Market Planning, Market Study/Research, Technology Solutions & Customer Engagement.

Principle Architect

Ram is a Software Architect in TIC and drives the evolution of TIC application design and architecture. He is experienced in various Microsoft technologies and other languages
(C#, .NET, Java, etc.)

Arun Sarkaria
Arun Skaria
Tech Lead

Arun Skaria is well accomplished in the technical arena with excellence
and experience in Microsoft technologies. He adopts a detail-oriented approach towards managing technical teams.

Karthik Prakasan
Karthik Prakasan
Lead Business Analyst

Karthik Prakasan is an information technology leader. He has expertise in requirement gathering, business analysis, stakeholder management, client communication, testing, and also in leading a team.

Technical Architect

Vilsad is a Technical Architect experienced in AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud platforms and leading our Web and Mobile app development and deployment to these cloud platforms.

Preeti S
Lead Quality Engineer

Preeti is a passionate Quality Expert experienced in ERP, CRM, Salesforce & Magento E-commerce for their Product Development, Integration, and Customization requests, to meet any specific requirements.

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