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Chemical Manufacturing




Chemical Manufacturing


Sitefinity, .NetCore, MVC, Azure, SQL Server

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This project was for a US-based Chemical Manufacturing company that had a huge distribution and market for chemical products on a global level. The client requirement was to have a single CMS platform that will be supporting multiple websites for different languages and different regions. They also wanted to have a live chat service for addressing product-based inquiries. Their business model was B2B and had high volume sales and distribution.


The client website prior to our involvement was quite complicated. They had a multi-language website that was maintained separately for every language and region. This was such a big complication for the client as it was not an easy job to run a website with such a huge database and that too in multiple languages and multiple regions. Their product list and data too were quite huge with too many data and specifications as their products also come in multiple variants. Adding to all of these, they also had vendors from different parts of the world making it difficult for the client to manage their website in a way that is easily made available to their clientele.


We undertook full-stack development of a single CMS for them that will have multiple languages and personalized content and websites for every variant. We also developed a vendor portal that enabled vendors to log in to the portal and see the product lists and specifications with great flexibility and ease. Vendors can also enquire about the products and place orders for samples to be delivered to them. Unlike the previous website of the client, the CMS websites came in with detailed search options and safety data sheets. We also developed a Chatbot for them for clients' inquiries and FAQs.

The way this benefited them

  • Digital Transformation
  • A single website customized for multiple languages and regions
  • Chatbot with FAQ support
  • A convenient listing of a huge product list and product specifications
  • Increased accessibility for vendors around the world
  • Vendor portal for placing orders for samples
  • Safety data sheet
  • Improved search options with filters and specifications
case study Chemical Manufacturing