Cloud Service

Reach out to the world’s most reliable IT services.

Thomsun Infocare can provide any kinds of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS cloud solution from all major cloud provider as well as local cloud solutions.


AWS Solutions

Amazon web service currently has 24 geographic regions and launching new regions faster than other providers.
AWS offers more than 175 implemented, fully functional services for all purposes. The platform allows building your own infrastructure from the ground up, or using ready-made solutions, in turn, reducing your IT costs.

Azure Solutions

Azure has 60+ regions more than any cloud provider. It a very flexible, easy to deploy, manage, and maintain solution.

More than 95 % of Fortune companies use azure, due to its simplicity and massive scalability.

Services we offer

Building a cloud infrastructure needs to address several key requirements and security concerns. Our cloud experts can guide you to select the suitable solution for your business.
Our Highly experienced, and qualified support team can work with you to run your services hassle-free.
Could migration always challenge, migration needs to answer the question like what, where, how to migrate. Our expert team can assess your current infrastructure to create a roadmap to cloud migration that will address future requirements as well.
Cloud managed services can help customers to achieve hassle-free services with assured availability and security. Thomsun Infocare cloud managed services can provide a 100% reliable service that also cheaper than hiring an in-house Cloud engineering team.