Email Marketing and Campaigns with Sitefinity CMS

Email Marketing and Campaigns with Sitefinity CMS

Email Marketing and Campaigns with Sitefinity CMS

Email campaigns and email-based marketing has remained to be the conventional way that still remained to be one of the most approached marketing media. Even though it has been and remained all these years, Email Marketing has acquired certain changes and has definitely evolved over time.

If used thoughtfully, it can be one of the most effective means by which you can drive your sales and business.  

Sitefinity for Marketers

Sitefinity CMS is known to be one of the best platforms that accommodate and provides space for marketers to work. Regarding email marketing, Sitefinity offers the best framework that facilitates and allows marketers to reap the best out of it. 

For example, some other CMS platforms that are available today might require you to install external softwares, extensions, third-party tools, or plugins when you attempt to run email campaigns. But with Sitefinity, this is quite hassle-free and you do not have to depend on any third-party sources for running your email campaigns. 

Email Marketing and Campaigns in Sitefinity

With Sitefinity CMS, you can make use of the email tab in ways that can benefit you to not only create and email campaigns, maintain your subscriber list, and also draw comparisons between your email campaigns. So how do you get to do this? Let’s have a quick look at it.

For starting your email campaign in Sitefinity CMS you will have to prepare a mailing list in the first place. After preparing this you can go on and update the mailing list with your subscribers. Then you can proceed with a template for carrying out your email campaign. This will allow you to create the campaign. Another interesting functionality with the email campaigns within Sitefinity CMS is that you can run an A/B test and compare various issues that your campaign has. This will turn out to be of great benefit when you are looking forward to comparing the campaigns that you create and run. 


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