What is Salesforce and the force behind its popularity?

What is Salesforce and the force behind its popularity? 

Cloud Computing Technologies has gained huge importance and risen in recent years. Several businesses have tried and utilized the advancements and innovations in the world of Cloud Computing to power up their technological database and strengthen their digital infrastructure. In the same way, there are other factors as well that contributed to this increased popularity and advancement of Cloud Computing Technology. Salesforce is one such element. In this article, we will see what Salesforce is and why is it more popular and widely preferred among several companies. 

What Is SalesForce?

One might feel that Salesforce is somewhat aligning with a CRM software usually provides. That is quite a normal thought to have. It’s because initially, Salesforce started to roll out like SaaS (Software as a Service) intended for CRM purposes as a company. Today, when answering the question of what Salesforce is, we could say that it is a platform or framework created for developers around the globe in order to create and distribute custom-made software solutions. 

Since Salesforce is made upon following a multi-tenant architecture, it can conveniently share more than one customer. One major benefit of Salesforce is that, unlike other applications and softwares, Salesforce has automated updations and other infrastructure upgrades to happen on its own. Therefore by resorting to using the resources provided by Salesforce, the organization or the person will not have to spend hours managing its upgrades and technical versions. Salesforce is also widely accessed over multiple platforms like social domains, cloud domains, and mobile domains.

Why is it so popular?

CRM played an important role in defining and managing developmental and business goals for several companies. And for the same reason, prior to the introduction of Salesforce in the business arena, companies had to host CRM solutions on the company’s own servers themselves. This created too many hurdles and hassles considering the investments, time, and efforts put forth for making it happen. This was also a very time-consuming process and it affected the productivity levels on multiple levels including the financial cost they had to spend on the same. 

Even after spending too much companies started finding it difficult to manage and operate making it even more complicated. This is exactly where Salesforce connected the dots and started making sense to people utilizing it. Salesforce came up with this feasible solution that enables companies to make use of CRM as an online service. This is how Salesforce started to roll out as a SaaS aka Software as a Service making its name big and heard around the world having a huge user base as of today.

The Bottom Line

What makes Salesforce a huge hit is that it is operated with Cloud Computing. It came out not just as an affordable and flexible CRM solution but it was also bridging several issues faced by companies prior to its existence and as a result, Salesforce has contributed so much to boost the productivity of the company using it. People found it convenient as they did not have to deal with issues like complicated installation procedures and migrating their data over time to the internet. One could simply make it work with simple steps just with a monthly subscription cost.


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