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Why, Where, What, When, Who, Which & How? – 6W1H banner

A scope or a requirement can be said to be complete when it has all the answers for the 6W1H. Asking the right questions is important but figuring out what these questions are can be difficult. This is where the 6W1H comes into the picture.

So imagine you have a scenario where you have no or less clarity, try asking these questions:

Why – Why did it happen? Why is it important? Why is it needed?

Where – Where did it happen? Where is it used? Where is the user?

What – What happened? What happens when it is done? What does it mean for the user? What is it used for?

When – When did it happen? When was it done last? When do we need to expect it? When will it happen again?

Who – Who did it happen to? Who gets affected? Who gains? Who wants it? Who uses it?

Which – Which one should I choose? Which will

How – How did it happen? How can we solve it? How will it help? How is it going to work?

No matter what scenario it is, the 6W1H can be used anywhere and whenever you need clarity on things. Be it professional scenarios or even personal 6W1H covers it all. Frame as many questions with the 6W1H as possible to get clarity on the scenario. Try this on your next scenario and let me know how it goes.


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