What to avoid and take note of while using Sitefinity?

Get the best out of Sitefinity by staying informed

What to avoid and take note of while using Sitefinity?


Sitefinity as a Content Management System has gained much popularity and users for the extensive range of features it provides. For companies having to maintain multiple websites, multi-language sites, websites with huge databases, etc, Sitefinity can be a holy grail when it comes to Website Development. For all these reasons, you can find many reasons to second the question – Why your company should go with Sitefinity CMS?


But just like any choice of technology that you make, it is important you understand and evaluate certain elements and facts before you finalize your choice of CMS platform. In this article, we will take a look at some factors you should consider and work on while you are about to work with Sitefinity CMS. 

Understand and Evaluate before the final step

It is always important that you avoid making haste decisions in life, be it anything and everything. Just like that while confirming to a CMS platform like Sitefinity, it is very critical that you attempt to look at it from all sides. Yes, it is true that a company will go on and conduct the required research and analysis for the same. But when it comes to Sitefinity there are some things that people tend to miss out on or ignore. So, what are these misinterpreted facts about Sitefinity CMS?


  • One major misconception people have about Sitefinity CMS is that it is overpriced and over-rated. This could be because there are several other CMS platforms that are available for free, some other platforms that can be availed and used at a much-reduced cost, etc. But what they tend to miss is the range of benefits and features Sitefinity offers in comparison with these CMS platforms. Plus if you dream big enough, it is important that you choose nothing but the best platform for your business. 


  • The next one to make to this list is that people believe that Sitefinity has a difficult architecture that makes it difficult to implement and work with. Well, on that note you are missing out on the primary and core idea that Sitefinity put forth. It is not just a developer’s platform, but it is built and structured in a way that accommodates Digital Marketers and Content Department as well. Therefore it can be understood that Sitefinity comes with not-so-difficult architecture and structure. 


  • Last but not the least, some people tend to take Sitefinity to be a high-maintenance CMS platform. This is also because many other platforms might not expect users to pay additional costs, hidden costs, upgrade existing versions, etc. But when it comes to Sitefinity, it is not actually that difficult to get on track with. Even when it comes to updates, one will have to work on it but it is still not a very complex system to deal with. But Sitefinity definitely has an upper hand when it comes to editing and making the changes reflected as soon as possible. It is certain that a CMS platform will not work on its own and one will have to work on it constantly. But the results and outputs that can be reaped out of it can be said to be of good quality and returns.

The Endnote

Sitefinity is definitely one of the best platforms for companies, businesses, and organizations that would like to make it big in their niche. Apart from following and using conventional platforms for website development, it is always the best option to go with technologies that are relevant and top-notch. This will not only guarantee you quality output but also makes sure that you provide the best online experience to your customers and audience. 


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